Why we can’t wait.

Why now?

Why 2010?  Why not 2012? 2014? 2016?

That’s a good question.  But here’s another.

Why NOT now?  Consider this:

The latest Census statistics show that the gap between men’s and women’s earnings widened slightly between 2007 and 2008. (National Committee on Pay Equity)

Women are more likely than men to feel the pinch of rising health costs and eroding health benefits, with about half (52%) of working-age women reporting problems accessing needed care because of costs, compared to 39 percent of men.  (Commonwealth Fund)

“I would say 80% (of colleges) have compliance problems, enough problems that they would technically be in violation of Title IX,” says Valerie Bonnette, a San Diego-based Title IX consultant.  (USA Today)

The MN CAFE Coalition is committed to amending our state Constitution to reflect gender equality NOW, not later.

We have waited long enough.


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