EQUALITY in the Governor’s race

….and no, that doesn’t mean that we want more than two of the thirty-odd candidates to be women (though we do!).

You may have noticed that our list of MN CAFE Coalition partners includes quite a number of campaigns for Minnesota Governor.  We’re thrilled that they’re here, but we want more.

We want the support of candidates from every political party. The Green Party of Minnesota is itself a Coalition partner, but the campaigns in our Coalition are solely those of DFLers.   Equality is a non-partisan issue!   The Republican Party added support for a federal ERA to its platform in 1944, nearly thirty years before the Democrats.  Below is a 1975 photo of First Lady Betty Ford, an ardent supporter.

Equality: it makes everyone smile!

We want passage of an Equal Rights Amendment to be a campaign issue. When we ask individuals, activist organizations, unions, faith groups, and campaigns to join our coalition, we expect our partners to walk the walk AND talk the talk.  Many of our supporters brought MN CAFE resolutions to their caucuses on February 2.  Others wear our T-shirts and buttons in public, where they can answer the age-old question “but haven’t we passed the ERA already?!”  Still others are making calls to their legislators to ask that they support an ERA bill during the 2010 Minnesota Legislative session.  Now is the time to contact your top candidates to ask their position on constitutional equality–do they support an ERA?  If so, will they help us lobby the legislature to give the bill a committee hearing?  If not, WHY NOT?

Politics in Minnesota has a handy chart to the remaining candidates of all parties.  Use it and take action NOW, while these 27 folks are eager to hear from you!

No candidate, whatever their gender or party affiliation, should take equality (or the equality vote!) for granted!


3 responses to “EQUALITY in the Governor’s race

  1. What do you think the 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution guarantee? I think you all are looking for special rights, not equal rights

  2. Do you think women fighting on the ground in Iraq want SPECIAL rights when they ask for recognition of their service?

  3. Just wondering Patty, what’s special about wanting to be treated equally? Please read the bill, and you’ll see that all we’re demanding is Equality, not to be discriminated against because of our sex. They inserted the word “Man” in the constitution in the 1800’s, is it really too much to ask that they also include the word “Woman”? As a very smart Republican Woman once said, “If they can put a man on the moon, then they can put Women in the Constitution”.

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