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New Effort for an Equal Rights Amendment on the State and Federal Constitution

Although MN CAFE (Constitutional Amendment for Equality) Coalition was not successful in 2011–the effort to get an equal rights amendment on the state and federal constitution is not over!

Please check our new website at and see what is happening and how you can be a part of it.

We did go have ERA Day at the Capitol today (March 5, 2015).  There was a Press Conference and a Senate Judiciary Hearing to introduce the bill SF No 113.  Please check the new website for more information.  You can also subscribe to the blog by clicking on the RSS Feed button on the front page, right sidebar.


“Finish the fight” with the League of Women Voters Minnesota!

Here at MN CAFE, we love all of our wonderful Coalition members.  But forgive us if we seem unusually ecstatic about joining forces with the League of Women Voters-Minnesota.  The national League was founded by Carrie Chapman Catt, the second leader of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (Susan B. Anthony was the first).  Wrote Catt in 1919:

Every suffragist will hope for a memorial dedicated to the memory of our brave departed leaders, to the sacrifices they made for our cause, to the scores of victories won…I venture to propose one whose benefits will bless our entire nation and bring happiness to the humblest of our citizens–the most natural, the most appropriate, and the most patriotic memorial that could be suggested–a League of Women Voters to “finish the fight” and to aid in the reconstruction of the nation.

Catt’s fellow suffragist Alice Paul was the author of the federal Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in Congress in 1923.  We of the MN CAFE Coalition are acutely aware that our work is just one part of an historic campaign to win legal equality for all of America’s citizens.

Together we will FINISH THE FIGHT!

Coalition Meeting, Thursday, October 22

Please join us at the Minnesota Women’s Building on Thursday, October 22nd for our next MN CAFE Coalition meeting. On our agenda will include approving coalition by-laws, formalizing our business plan, and discussing a November fundraising event celebrating the birthday of Sojourner Truth.


First Lady Michelle Obama on April 28, 2009, witnessing the unveiling of a memorial bust of Sojourner Truth sculpted by Artis Lane.  The sculpture is the first tribute to an African-American woman in the U.S. Capitol Building.  (

WHERE: 550 Rice Street, St Paul MN 55103

WHEN: 5:30-7:30 pm


Why we can’t wait.

Why now?

Why 2010?  Why not 2012? 2014? 2016?

That’s a good question.  But here’s another.

Why NOT now?  Consider this:

The latest Census statistics show that the gap between men’s and women’s earnings widened slightly between 2007 and 2008. (National Committee on Pay Equity)

Women are more likely than men to feel the pinch of rising health costs and eroding health benefits, with about half (52%) of working-age women reporting problems accessing needed care because of costs, compared to 39 percent of men.  (Commonwealth Fund)

“I would say 80% (of colleges) have compliance problems, enough problems that they would technically be in violation of Title IX,” says Valerie Bonnette, a San Diego-based Title IX consultant.  (USA Today)

The MN CAFE Coalition is committed to amending our state Constitution to reflect gender equality NOW, not later.

We have waited long enough.

Where do your skills fit?

At our September 17th meeting, the MN CAFE Coalition agreed upon the establishment of five Action Teams as we work towards making a Minnesota ERA a reality.  Take a look and tell us where your strengths might be put to use!

Fundraising Team

Have grantwriting experience?  Do you know secret sources of corporate funding that aren’t in the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits’ orbit?  Do you have the verve and gusto necessary to head up an individual donor campaign?  Do you like to throw elaborate fundraising parties?  We need you.  Equality costs a lot of money.

Coalition Recruitment Team

We have a great list of people, political parties, women’s groups, schools, businesses, unions, religious groups, social justice non-profits, corporations, etc. etc. that we want to join the MN CAFE Coalition.  We need you and your friends to help us reach out to them, one and all.

Communications Team

Currently, our communications team consists of li’l old me, alerting you of happenings via this blog and Facebook, and Kathleen, crack designer of MN CAFE printed literature.  As our Coalition grows, and when the Legislature reconvenes in Feburary 2010, we’ll need to step up our game.  Press releases, public research polling, targeted advertising: we will need it all.

Education & Outreach Team

If you are a feminist Toastmaster, we have a job for you.  We want a great team of speakers who are willing and able to talk to small groups in neighborhoods and to large groups at conferences.  We also need a team of extroverts to staff MN CAFE information tables at community events around the state.

Legislative Strategy Team

This team gets to storm the halls of power in St. Paul in 2010 with an effective plan to win passage of an ERA bill in both the House and the Senate.  Smart, friendly, feminist schmoozers wanted.

Please drop us a line at to let us know where we can put your skills to work!

Knocking out inequality, one eye at a time

The MN CAFE Coalition is honored to have been chosen by the Minnesota RollerGirls to be the Black Eye Booth charity for next weekend’s Brawl of America Regional Tournament!

We can’t wait to talk to Minnesota derby fans about our efforts to put an Equal Rights Amendment on our state’s ballot in 2010. We’re also going to talk to fans of derby teams from Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin and ESPECIALLY Illinois about what they can do to support the ratification of the long-overdue federal ERA.

Click on the link below to learn how to get your tickets! See you in St. Paul!

Brawl of America Ticket Information

Women’s Equality Day, August 26th, 2009

….is the day we kick off our statewide campaign to have an Equal Rights Amendment added to Minnesota’s constitution in 2010.

Where: Fabulous Fern’s Bar & Grill, 400 Selby Ave, St Paul (click on the link for detailed directions)

When: Wednesday August 26, from 5-8 pm

Who: Members of the MN CAFE Coalition, including special guests!

Why: Legally recognized gender equality, of course!