Our Campaign

Q: What is the strategy for securing equal rights in the Minnesota Constitution?
The Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization for Women is inviting every Minnesota organization,business, nonprofit, labor union, faith group and individual to become a member of the Minnesota Constitutional Amendment For Equality Coalition (MN CAFE Coalition).

With a unified, diverse collaboration of members, the Coalition will mount an effective public relations
campaign leading up to the 2010 Minnesota Legislative session, including public awareness polling.

The Coalition will develop an effective legislative strategy with House and Senate leadership to ensurepassage out of both bodies during the 2010 session. A Constitutional amendment does not have to beapproved by the Governor, so if a simple majority in both the House and Senate approves, the amendment can be placed on the ballot statewide in the elections on November 2, 2010.

Once placed on the ballot, a significant campaign to educate voters statewide will need to be mounted. Opposition is expected from anti-choice and anti-GLBT groups, therefore communications and public relations will be key to quickly strike down false statements and distortions.

Q: What is required to be a member of the Coalition?

For individuals: 1) Public support of the CAFE; 2) Public awareness through your personal contacts;
3) Volunteering either your time or your financial support (both will be accepted but both are not required).

For organizations, unions, businesses or other groups: 1) Public support of the CAFE and use of the name of your organization on our materials; 2) Public awareness through your members, customers, etc.;3) An active member from your organization to be on the Coalition Board; 4) Assistance in fundraising, to be decided by the Board.


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